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Weight Position – Golf Back Swing Drill

Hi, Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. This is a follow-up video to The Golf Back Swing Drill specifically talking about our weight position at the top of the back swing.

Golf Back Swing Drill (Photos)
1. Take your stance: Place heels about 12 inches apart.
2. Hold the left or target side arm straight out parallel with the ground.
3. Cock the wrist straight up.
4. Lay the club back at right angle to the left arm so that it is parallel with the ground.
5. Keep your eyes looking straight ahead while turning or rotating the hips and shoulders back as much as possible.
6. Looking over the left shoulder, bow over into address position.

At the top of the back swing, you will notice your body’s weight load is positioned at the inside of your right foot. There is also some weight on the left foot as the knee has bent forward and very slightly in. Feel the weight load on your feet. Feel where the weight is falling on the right foot, on the left foot.

At address the weight distribution was approximately a 50-50 distribution. With this particular iron in my hands, at the top of the back swing about 65 percent of my weight is on the back foot, specifically on the inside arch area. From this position, on the downswing it is very easy to move right on top of your target side foot, moving from the arch of the back foot to the target side foot. Then rotating around with your hips. This move will help you set the club on the correct path and give you a beautiful swing. Finish with about 90 percent of your weight on the target side foot.

Note that weight distribution varies somewhat with the club used, individual swing variances and the length of the back swing.

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