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On Course – The Importance of Carry Distance

Hi, Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. Today I will talk about how to save strokes while you are playing. I am standing on a par three-hole, number seventeen on The Boulder Course at the Cimarron Golf Resort in Palm Springs, CA. There are three things on his par three that I want to know.

First, what is the distance from this tee box area to the front of the green. I need to play a club that I know can carry over the front of the green.

The second bit of information I need to know is how far is it from the front of the green to the pin location. I know in this case that the pin is located 15 yards beyond the carry position.

Third, it is important to know what the carry distance, not carry and roll but carry distance is of that club. The club must carry the ball minimally out past the front of the green.

I have the club I believe will do the job here in my hand. It will carry the ball in the air to the front of the green and preferably back towards the pin.

Carry Distance: Carry is the distance the ball travels through the air.

Note: An important thing to know about carry is that carry must additionally be adjust for uphill and downhill shots, wind, firmness of the ground and so on. Understanding carry distances will help with distance control and course management.

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