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Make More Putts – Visualize

Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. I am at the Cimarron Golf Resort here in Palm Springs, California. Today I will be talking about improving your visualization skills to make more putts. Just follow these three very easy steps. Step number one is to evaluate the putt itself. Move to a position behind the ball. Look over the ball toward the target hole. Ask yourself: Is there a break, is the ball going to break left to right or right to left, is the putt uphill or downhill? Once you’ve evaluated the putt pick out the spot you are going to be hitting to. In my case the putt is a very straight putt right into the back of the cup. I will be aiming to the center back of the cup.
Step number two, I walk backwards from the ball and I imagine a line straight through the ball and toward the cup. During the process look at the spot you are going to be hitting to. I make a practice stroke feeling what the distance is from the ball to the target. Step number three, now that I can see the target, I am going to keep my eyes on that spot. I am holding the club in my dominant hand. In my case, my right hand. I am going to face the putter right at the target spot, right into the back of the cup. Now that the club is square to the target, I place my other hand on the grip and get my stance in place. I go back to the hole again looking at my target spot. I have a good vision of the target, I look down and hit the ball right to my target.

Take the time to visualize your putts. It will help you make many more putts.

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