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Left Right Wrist Position – Golf Back Swing Drill

Hi, Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. I am at the Loggers Trail Golf Course in Stillwater, MN. This is a follow-up video to The Golf Backswing Drill specifically describing wrist positions. We will be talking about both right and left wrists toward the top of the golf backswing.
First, we will get into position in the backswing drill.
1. Take your stance: place the heels about 12 inches apart.
2. Secondly, hold the left arm out in front of the body and parallel with the shoulder. Then place the right arm in position. The shaft will be parallel with the ground.
3. Next, cock the wrist straight up. The club shaft is now perpendicular to the ground.
4. Now lay the club back so that it is flat or parallel with the ground. This puts the right wrist in the correct position.
5. Keep your eyes looking straight ahead while turning or rotating the hips and shoulders back as much as possible.
6. Looking over the left shoulder, bow over into address position. Let your left knee bend.
At this point both the left wrist and right wrist are exactly in the correct position. You will notice the back of the left wrist is flat. The angle of the right wrist is the same as the shaft of the golf club. In an actual backswing the arms would travel a little bit farther back with momentum. But I want you to focus on the wrist position(s). This wrist alignment will put you in a great position on the way down. You will be on the way to a great shot.
The video Left Right Wrist Position – Golf Back Swing Drill is one of a series of follow up videos describing the separate parts of the Golf Back Swing Drill in more detail. This drill is helpful for experiencing what it is like to have the wrists in correct position during the back swing.

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