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In Between Shots

Hi, this is Dave Cahill with Cahill Golf. It’s another beautiful morning in Palm Springs. Today I am going to talk about those in between shots. In general there are seven to ten yards in between each club, depending on your game.

 Just think, you may have various wedge in your bag, if you take your 80 yard wedge and you want to get the five yard difference into the pin, which is 75 yards out, all you do is take a half swing.

What is a half swing?

In this case we are going to say the half swing is going to the nine o’clock position with OUR ARMS. So if I just go to nine o’clock and then take my normal swing from there I will cut off five yards automatically. And if I take my normal swing back to wherever that may be I will get the full yardage from the club. Multiply that out if you have four or five clubs in there all of a sudden you have an additional four or five distances you can hit. So the nice little half shot will take off five yards.

PGA Instructor Mike Cahill and PGA Master Instructor Dave Cahill are here to help you play better and enjoy the game more. To learn more about in between shots please come see us in Palm Springs for golf lessons or visit us for a Palm Springs a Golf School.

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