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How to Add Golf Distance with Left Knee and Hip

Hi, Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. I am on the beautiful 4th hole at Loggers Trail Golf Course in Stillwater, MN. Today I will talk about how to create power and add distance by properly using the forward knee and hip turn during the downswing.
Once I’ve taken the backswing with my hips and torso turned, I’m at the top. In this position the lead knee is flexed, dropped slightly inward. The hips are fully turned.

Now the forward swing. Push down onto the left foot – the left heel is planted. The left hip reverses direction. Step on the lead foot – the target knee straightens as the weight moves to the target side. At the same time the hips turn, rotating around the spine. The target knee will almost fully straighten – yet retains some flex which aids hip rotation. Relax the arms as they whip through the ball.

1. At the top over the left – The left heel is planted as the left hip reverses direction.
2. Turn from the lower body – Step on the lead foot, the weight shifts as the lead knee straightens and the hips turn.
3. Relax the arms. Tension in the arms robs clubhead speed. Allow the arms to swing and release naturally through impact.

Left Knee and Hip Turn Drill.

Get set up over the left side. STOP!
Plant the left heel. (left hip reverses direction)
Step on the lead foot as the lead knee straightens while the hips rotate.
Relax the arms – swing naturally.

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