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Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. I am at the Cimarron Golf Resort here in Palm Springs, California. Today we are going to talk about hitting the ball farther. This is probably the number one request I have from students. Usually the first suggestion I have is not the one they think of. That suggestion is to increase your strength and increase your flexibility. Two very simple things to do.

My own exercise program involves 30 – 40 minutes at the gym six times a week. I use the selectorized machines. These units have one or more weight stacks attached to the frame and utilize a system of pulleys. The machines help me focus on the quality of my movements and form, putting my muscles through a full range of motion. Free weights are another option once you can maintain proper form. I prefer the ease of utilizing the machines. I rotate the workout by working legs a couple of days a week my core another couple and my upper body the remaining two. For flexibility I do a short yoga workout a couple of days a week with my wife, we also walk about 30 minutes each morning.
I would add that nutrition is important for fitness. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and a minimal amount of meat can help you get the calories and nutrients you need to fuel your everyday activities, including regular exercise.

So, the easiest thing to do to hit the ball farther is to get in shape and have a good diet.

PGA Instructor Mike Cahill and PGA Master Instructor Dave Cahill are here to help you play better and enjoy the game more. To learn more about increasing golf shot distance please come see us in Palm Springs for golf lessons or visit us for a Palm Springs a Golf School.

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