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Greenside Chipping

Hi this is Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. Today I am going to talk about a very simple way to greenside chip. A good chipping method for right around the green, when you have a bit of turf to go over, is just like your putting stroke, with a couple of exceptions. Remember, with the putting stroke we do not hinge the wrists to go back and forth. Rather, we keep the wrists quiet and move the arms back and forth with a turning motion of the shoulders. Or you may move only the arms back and forth in your putting stroke. Whichever the putting stoke is for you, is just fine.
So now we will explore a few little alterations. First place the ball in the middle of the stance.

1. Now get the hands just a little bit ahead of the ball, at the very least even with it. I prefer my hands a bit ahead.

2. Next, very slightly put a little bit of weight over on the left hand side (left handed golfers the opposite.) So just move a touch over to the left hand side.

Moving the hands just a little bit ahead of the ball and weight a little bit over on the left hand side helps us. So, instead of like the putting stroke where we are just moving level with the ground it gets us to create a bit of a down stroke. We will brush through the grass on the way through. This method using your putting stroke, but brushing through the grass with the slight down stroke will create a very easy, nice straight shot to the pin.

PGA Instructor Mike Cahill and PGA Master Instructor Dave Cahill are here to help you play better and enjoy the game more. To learn more about greenside chipping please come see us in Palm Springs for golf lessons or visit us for a Palm Springs a Golf School.

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