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Elbows at Address

Elbows at Address

Hi, Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. I am at the Cimarron Golf Resort here in Palm Springs, California. Today I am going to talk about a straightforward way at address to increase golf shot consistency: point your elbows in the correct direction at setup. The lead elbow, for those of you who are right-handed this would be your left elbow, should point down the line in the direction in which you are hitting. In other words, have the target side elbow (photo 1) point in the direction you want to hit your golf ball. The trailing elbow, for right-handed golfers the right elbow, points towards the right hip. The trailing elbow does not point outward like the lead elbow.

Take your normal stance. The ball is in the middle of the stance for this shot. Hands are ahead a little bit, even with the inside of the left thigh. Finally make sure the lead, target side elbow is pointing down the line and the right or trailing elbow is pointed at the right hip. This setup will put you in position to hit very consistent shots.

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