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Add Five Yards to Full Wedges

Hi, Dave Cahill here with Cahill Golf. If you would like to hit your full wedges, that would be your 60-degree wedge, sand, gap or pitching wedge, just that extra five yards because you are in between clubs, try these two simple little tricks. At address put the ball just a tiny bit back in your stance. If normally the ball is in the middle bring it back just a touch. Then at the same time, take your hands and move them just a bit farther ahead than you normally would. So, we are delofting the club and also making it so we hit down on the ball. Not only do we hit the ball farther we also get a little bit more spin.

In review, the two changes to get five more yards on full wedges are place the ball a little bit back in your stance and hands a little bit farther ahead. Make sure to keep the clubface square when you do that and it will just deloft the club instead of opening it.
From down the line it looks like this. A little bit back in my stance and my hands ahead…

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