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Palm Springs Golf School-  Cimarron Resort

Palm Springs Golf School- Cimarron Resort

“We are a true golf academy with two green grass locations, you are welcome to stop by and meet us anytime. I don’t know of any other golf school that can...

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Las Vegas Golf Schools – Paiute

Las Vegas Golf Schools – Paiute

“The Paiute Golf Resort is possibly the golf experience in Vegas, you truly feel one with nature out there.” – Mike Cahill PGA        ...

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say.

Dave realized instantly that my shoulders were too flat. The video he gave me helped immensely. Thanks.

Dave took me back to the basics that had worked for me in the past. He gave me some very simple swing thoughts and drills which have had a positive impact on my game. I would not hesitate to turn to Dave for future lessons.

Problem gone! Thanks David, you’re the best.

David gave me some simple drills that have absolutely helped my game. He used state of the art video equipment and methods, as well as a kind and patient approach to teaching golf

In one session with you I was able to establish an error in my swing that has made a significant difference in my ability to make the swing that gives me the confidence and mental picture I need.

A special thank you for the generous time and the “follow up tips” around the practice area that you provide as you make your rounds. After 3 weeks I am hitting my short and long shots with confidence and accuracy.

You have a wonderful teaching gift . I have had several golf lessons before from other teachers, however you are by far the best teacher I have ever had

By using the tips you provided, I was able to shore up my swing flaws and start shooting better scores on a consistent basis. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to the next time we mee

We felt his lessons were a great value and the ideas have stayed with us since then. Next time we’re in Palm Springs we’re going back for a refresher.

I’ve taken a few lessons from Dave and my ball striking has improved dramatically. My distances have increased, I’m hitting more greens in regulation, and my scores are dropping.

  • Shirley Shannon
  • Ben Grear
  • Charles Spiers
  • Betsy Spiers
  • Dwight Staffelbach
  • Ray Grant
  • Denis Palmier
  • Mark Gotcher
  • Con and Marilyn Leonidas
  • Mark Abbot

The Team

Internationally Recognized Golf School Instructors

Dave Cahill PGA

Dave Cahill PGA

Golf Instructor/ Founder

  • Time in Palm Springs, CA 50%
  • Time in Las Vegas, NV 20%
  • Time in Minneapolis, MN 30%
Mike Cahill PGA

Mike Cahill PGA

Golf School Instructor/ Founder

  • Time in Palm Springs, CA 60%
  • Time in Las Vegas, NV 40%
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